I'm 18 and addicted to weed!?

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You're not trying, trust me. Your addiction is wanting you to think that. Let me give you some advice, just don't buy it. No is a lot easier to say than you think. You are losing money over this drug, so why keep losing more. It is not wort... More

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Booking a taxi in UK?

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The number of taxis that the company owned shouldn't make any difference to the customer. You ring up, you ask if the company can provide a taxi on the day and at the time that you want. If they say 'yes', then you are satisfied. I wou... More

United Kingdom 1 weeks ago 3
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I want to be popular so bad !?

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Maybe sit near one of them in a class, or if you already sit next to one in assigned seats, try talking to them. Also, try talking to the nicest and the most social ones. I am sorry I don't have much to say..but I hope I still helped! More

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