Does he see me as just a friend or what?

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To me it sounds like he is still in to you a bit. Being a guy their are alot of misconceptions about us from girls but one thing that is true is that guys are easier to read than women. Some women can be very complex but men are usually very straight... More

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Curing Boredom?

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Stop going online. One of the key aspects of mastering boredom is to deliberately reset your "normal." Find a hobby which requires concentration and focus on it. More

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Grandma won't buzz off...?

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Be there for her but also set some boundaries. Do things that are priorities and tell Grandma that the other stuff you'll get to some other time. "Over the river and thru the woods, to grandmother's house we go." More

Other - Games & Recreation 5 months ago 7
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How to slow down a fast horse?

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Put him on a circle of a small enough size that it makes trotting fast difficult for him and he slows. If he's still trotting too fast on the circle, you haven't made it small enough. Once he trots at the desired pace on the circle, make ... More

Horses 3 weeks ago 6

What to wear for my first horse riding lesson?

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I see a lot of beginner riders at my barn wearing jeans or leggings and a pair of leather boots. Not necessarily tall boots or half chaps, but a pair of 'knock off' cowboy boots or knee high leather boots. I occasionally ride in a pair of t... More

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I fell off twice cantering at a dressage show?

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You're probably tensing up when you're in the ring because you're nervous, which makes you clamp on with your legs and lean forward - it's very common. Unfortunately, leaning forward and squeezing with your legs is the cue to go ... More

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Is this even remotely fair?

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I would not stand for that, you should talk to who you're leasing off and the girls parents and as sad as it may be you may have to look for another horse, not doing what you want to isn't fun, it;'s tiring More

Horses 4 months ago 6
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