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Can a 17 year old stay in a Hostel alone (New York)?

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The minimum check in age is likely to be 18 even for hostels. You can always check on sites like Hostelbookers to see what you can find: . The ones I checked all have a minimum a... More

New York City 4 weeks ago 3
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Changing a guitar neck.?

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Hello there, Strat type necks are not all interchangeable. Many are, but some are not. First issue: Scale length. The neck and the body you intend to use together must both be designed to the same scale length. Most Fender (and Squier) Strats ... More

Performing Arts 2 weeks ago 5

My mom won't buy me a nice guitar! HELP!!?

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How things change! After being desperate for years and learning everything I could about guitars, reading and re-reading catalogues, I finally managed to afford my first guitar - a £14.00 plywood job on hire purchase. I was eighteen and it was my ... More

Performing Arts 3 months ago 10

Insomia equals death?

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Do you mean a total lack of sleep? Yes, that can potentially be fatal. But, if you are taking about garden variety insomnia where you chronically don't get a lot of sleep, that is something you adjust to. For most of my life I've gotten by ... More

Performing Arts 4 months ago 7
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Can police trace my IP from a Google cached website?

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An IP address CAN NOT be traced. If you or even the Police try and trace an IP address all they will get is the ISP that Owns the IP in the first place. ONLY the ISP can see who is using his services. Then it takes a Legal Warrant for the Police ... More

Internet 1 weeks ago 4
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Do crew members get friendly at sea?

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For the getting close part, it depends on the size of the ship and the amount of other crew members on board. The mixed sex cabin arrangments depend on the line you are sailing with. Hope ya get lucky. More

Cruise Travel 4 years ago 6

Underage smoking on cruises?

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About the only place you can smoke inside the ship is in the casino and usually one or two bars. They do have designated smoking areas outside the ship where you can smoke, usually one side of the ship or the other, and they have ashtrays there so do... More

Cruise Travel 4 years ago 7
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