Describe each Kardashian/Jenner sister?

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Kim - fake ugly whore Khloe - fake ugly, but she is funny at times Kourtney - Most boring person who ever lived Kendall - Only one that isn't filled with plastic surgery... but she flat asf Kylie - Only 19 and shes already ruined her look... More

Celebrities 20 hours ago 4
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Am I taking good vitamins?

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Folic Acid 400 mcg. if you're feeling run down or anemic, unless you were told by a Dr you have B-12 deficiency. In that case, folic acid can mask the signs of B-12 deficiency. More

Medicine 2 weeks ago 5
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Choosing retainers?

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In most offices, it's the orthodontist who decides which type of retainer you receive. They base their decision on what your teeth looked like before treatment, exactly what was needed to correct your teeth, and sometimes they simple feel one t... More

Dental 1 months ago 1
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Very naughty border collie puppy?

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You just need to learn how to train her. She lacks training & she doesn't understand a word you say cause she has yet to be conditioned to respond to any command. She needs training to be the dog you want her to be. But you can't tra... More

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Help with my dog?

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smart doggie, she didnt want to see anyone hurt so she stopped you from fighting More

Dogs 6 days ago 9
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