Physics homework help!?

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T = 14s lambda*f = lambda/T = v =5 lambda = 5*14 = 70m lamda*31 = 9 ------> lambda = 9/31 m lambda = c/f = 3e8/6e4 = 5000m More

Physics 15 hours ago 1
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What is life like in Darwin, Australia?

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Darwin is hot in winter, and very wet, humid, and hot during the summer Wet Season. If you are Australian line up a job before you move there. But if you are planning to move from overseas be aware that you must meet Australia's Immigration c... More

Australia 3 weeks ago 6

Whats the most powerful scene in cinema history?

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Room: A woman was held captive and abused in a shed for 7 years. Th film ends with her returning to the sight of her tourment for closure and be able to start a new life with her son (born in captivity). ... More

Australia 1 months ago 1
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