I'm a Freshman, currently with Bs in English, Biology, French, and As in History. However, I have an F in math :(

Is there any way to get this grade back up ?

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  1. eri

    How are we supposed to know? That depends on how many assignments you have, how much their worth, and what your F actually is (0? 10? 55? Those are all F's.) Ask your teacher.

  2. Greg


  3. bloodresident

    You need to figure out a specific problem that you are having that is keeping you from passing this class and fix it. You could be doing your best and still failing so figure out what you need to do in order to fix it.

  4. Alexander Pierce

    Yes, of course you can get your grade back up, assuming school just started a few weeks ago for you.

  5. srm2768

    ask your teacher do go oer previous tests with you and explain where you messed up and do more of the ones you are bad at.

  6. GTB

    do your math homework

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