I live in a trailer park and have just discovered a sink hole in my backyard( not caved yet) is the landlord/owner financially responsible?

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  1. Ophiuch-this.

    You did not provide sufficient information. Do you own the trailer or rent it, or do you only rent the lot?

    If you own the trailer, it is your responsibility for the trailer. If it is rented along with the lot, it is the landlord's.

    In legal matters you must be very precise! The slightest detail can make a huge difference in the law!

    PS: I rented a trailer once- big mistake. No wonder trailer parks have a bad reputation. It was horrible.

  2. William

    Yes, the landlord has full responsibility.

    PS: The landlord has full responsibility for his own property- the repair and maintenance of the property. The tenant is responsible for his own losses, for instance, if a trailer he owned was damaged or lost- unless it was through the landlord's negligence.

    I was NOT implying the landlord is responsible for the tenant's property- that was NOT part of the question and the asker was not referring to anything other than the sinkhole. If a rented trailer was damaged, it is the landlord's FULL responsibility for that trailer as he owns it- unless it was damaged through the tenant's negligence.

  3. acermill

    No, the landlord is NOT responsible for any damages incurred. A sinkhole is considered an "act of god"under law. YOU should be insured against such an occurrence.

  4. R P

    The landlord is responsible for the land. He is not responsible for damage to your house; that's why you have insurance.

  5. JenWales

    Responsible for what? The hole, yes. Your possessions, no.

  6. JMITW

    likely the park owner, but you have to refer to your lease

  7. Nobody

    Most likely if you are renting the space and do not own it.

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