I ve been with him for 5 years, and lately I am finally mentally breaking down from the name calling. I always considered myself a strong person, but after 5 years I am a wreck. He has no idea how much it eats me up from the inside out. I just want him to stop. I understand its normal to have arguments, but why...

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  1. sha wei sted

    Name calling and other forms of degradation are never appropriate, accomplish nothing, and exacerbate problems.

    It is clear that he is abusive and you are being abused. Besides suggesting that you leave him, I'd recommend couples counseling.

    It's possible he really thinks he is justified and has no empathetic capacity to see how he is hurting you. To help both if you understand each other, and find a middle a ground, a therapist to help you do that would be the next step.

    And if that doesn't work, what is most important is that YOU are happy, and sometimes the first step towards that happiness is a step away from something or someone we have loved in the past but no longer serve the purpose they used to. It may be time now where you can only worry about taking care of yourself.

    You're strong. When you listen to your intuition about what is right for you, that is always more rational than any logic you can think of to contradict that knowing.

    Safe travels

  2. Dan

    What he is going is wrong. There is no justification for calling you names like that.

    He's not going to change. You have have to face that reality. Either stay with him and have a lifetime of abuse, or dump him now.

  3. Misty

    Why would your parents believe him that he is justified in calling you names? That makes no sense.

    You need to get rid of this guy. When you do, you will feel so much better.

  4. liamhhh38

    Ignore him and find someone else he's not a true man if he treats a girl like that

  5. kelvin

    hate to say it but it sounds to me like it's time for you to move on and don't even think about getting married to him as you deserve better

  6. mk

    he is abusive remember it is not only physical abuse. there is mental abuse also. So you are with an abusive man. leave r prepare for worse later on.

  7. PalasCat

    lmfao two faced bipolar haha attention whore

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