Besides infidelity, what are some other reasons why marriages fail?

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  1. Sur La Mer

    1. Money.
    2. Religion or lack of.
    3. In-laws pressures.
    4. Extended families.
    5. Married too young.
    6. Abusive, mentally, physically, emotional and all that.
    7. Good girl / bad guy. Suddenly, they're fed up with that!
    8. Trust.
    9. No passion.
    10. Too much taking not enough of giving.
    11. Age difference.
    12. Don't want kids.
    13. They married for all the wrong reasons.
    14. Too critical.
    15. She/he hasn't grown. Too childish.

  2. Piero

    Differences in sexual needs and desires are the root cause of most marriage failures. Infidelity, abuse, communication problems, and even some money problems, are the result of some one not getting sex when they need it. A good sex life can overcome a myriad of other problems. Or at least minimize them.

  3. jason

    Lack of Communication

  4. linkus86

    No communication, money issues, career path differences, physical distance, having/not having kids, mental health, physical health, addiction, abuse, lack of effort.

  5. Ricky

    Mostly money. White people, they love to divorce like crazy

  6. RP

    Many would cite communication, trust, and finances.

  7. Anonymous

    Small c*cks.

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