For killing LGBT ?

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  1. Anonymous

    The LGBT owns at least half the blame. Some people have a short wick. And Islam seems to have the market cornered. The LGBT made the decision to go all the way to gay marriage, so this is part of the collateral damage.
    Plus that nightclub was strictly for the sleaze. Mateen's first idiocy was to take a job there.

  2. amy


    Omar Mateen killed LGBT the wrong and sinful way

  3. ?

    Seen a Photoshoped pic of him on the front page of a newspaper. The head line read "local man finds cure for aids" hahaha that made me lol

  4. Zardoz

    I'm not so much worried about the alphabet, but his killing those Americans pisses me off. Though they were from Florida.

  5. Anonymous

    Cuz people are triggered cuz of that but dont care when 300 ppl die overseas.

  6. Anonymous

    Leftists don't hate him because he killed white people.

  7. Arian

    conservatives hate him because he's a brown muslim. others hate him because he killed innocent people

  8. Bathe Her And Bring

    he's yet another in a long line of muslim mass murderers, and hillary supporters.

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