My step-mother knows this guy who controls his girlfriend like a sorcerer and got her to leave her husband for him. Now he controls her life. How is this done? I don't want to control someone that way (I think that guy was immoral) but in other ways I want to like make my mother more forgiving or make people...

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  1. Caroline

    It's kind of hard to explain but you have to think of it as planting seeds rather than controlling people. If you want to make your mother more forgiving, talk about some other mother or authority figure you know (or make her up if you have to) and how she seems so able and willing to recognize that people make mistakes and shouldn't be punished for them their whole lives. Make sure it comes up in a natural context, say it in kind of a random, dreamy way as if it was a just a thought floating in your head, and just leave it at that. Don't constantly bring it up, but maybe mention that person's name now and then, and speak glowingly of them and their virtues.
    Generally speaking, people want to be thought well of, so what is likely to happen is your mother will hear you complimenting this person and think, well, I want my child to think that I'm like that too, and will subconsciously or consciously begin to change their behavior.
    I do this ALL the time with my husband and co-workers. People are very easy to manipulate if you do it right.

  2. flowers.and.rainwbow

    What you are describing is just simple manipulation, you don't have to "control" someone to get them to do what you want, you simply need to convince them that they want to do what you want them to do.

    There are many different methods for this, you might want to look into NLP, as it's basically tips for how to convince others and control a conversation with body language and language patterns.

    Best of luck

  3. warcorpse

    you can't.

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