So my friend set me up with a friend of hers. He thought I was hot and I thought he was hot. We have been messaging for more than a week and we snapchat daily. We spent 3 hours at the mall with two other friends (we were left alone for some time too) and we really clicked. But I heard from my friend that he said...

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  1. Been There

    He may NEVER get up the courage.
    He says you are hot, but if he really THOUGHT you were hot, he wouldn't waste time ..he would be too afraid some OTHER guy would see you as being hot and would beat him to asking you out.

    You barely KNOW this guy .. why have you decided you want to be his gf? The closer we get TO someone, the more we see them clearly, and the more they start to relax from their "best-behavior".
    As a matter of fact, wife-beaters usually make a GREAT first-impression.

    But THIS guy sounds smart. It takes a guy several months to decide if he wants to be serious about a girl. The faster a guy "falls" for a girl, the more screwed-up he is and the less-likely it will work out.
    Same goes for girls ... you are not ready TO make a relationship work until you are contented with yourself and your life and do not NEED a relationship.

  2. Nine of Clubs

    Ask him out instead of twiddling your thumbs. A relationship is a two way street. If you're not willing to take any risks, then why should he?

  3. Waterdragon

    Right now it does not take a while to know if you like someone or not he already knows he is not interested but because you are "hot" will keep seeing you in the hope his feelings will change or you have sex ----- move on he is not interested in you romantically

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