In the Declaration of Independence is the quote "the laws of nature and of nature's God..." Jefferson memorial is inscribed "Almighty God hath created the mind free..." National Anthem includes "In God is our Trust" (Although was included much later) I am just wondering based...

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  1. Nathan

    The founding fathers were entirely composed of Christians. Prior to the continental congress, Ben Franklin was something similar to an Atheist, but during the congress suddenly seemed to decide that God exists after all.

    Though America accepts people of all religions, it does take as its basis for law the principles outlined in the bible, and thus is often called Judeu-Christian. Though some might not like to admit it, the founding fathers were making a sincere effort to make a good government, and their measuring stick for what was good and what isn't was the bible, which they regarded as the highest moral authority.

    Specific forms for the government were heavily inspired by the Roman Republic and the writings of Moses.

    Now, that isn't to say America hasn't done done bad things in the past, especially in regards to slavery, which the north had to compromise on in order to get the south to join the republic at all. We paid dearly for that about 60 years later in the civil war.

  2. tentofield

    Christianity is not mentioned in any of the documents you mention. "God" does not mean Christianity. Most religions have at least one god and many people have a personal god. They are covered by the Declaration and the Constitution but Christianity is not. The First Amendment to the Constitution makes it perfectly clear, the USA is not founded on Christianity.

  3. Marc

    On Pauline Christianity yes but there were enough people with less fear to add some common sense , its goodness based unfortunately as inequality and fear grow goodness is reduced and society fails we have much to learn and little time if we are to hang on to the important infrastructure we now have for the first time we can feed the and house world , as an Evolutional Goodhist I work towards a totally goodness based world culture with increased equality and sustainable growth .

  4. Smokie

    Actually it was founded on Native American soil. It claimed all men are created equal while keeping the practice of owning men who were believed to be less. Murder was ok if you believed someone to be a witch. It does seem to have started with a lot of Christian ideas. Take what isn't yours, abuse those who do not look like you, and kill those who do not believe as you do.

  5. Jan C

    I do believe it was founded on religion as some of the original leaders were Christians. Church was also held in either the Capitol or the White House. You can find more by searching American Heritage.

  6. Casey


    First Nations people had their religion.... not Christianity.

    Then the Puritans arrived with Christianity

    however, some say NO:

  7. Amy


  8. Grillparzer

    The Declaration of Independence is not a legal document. The U.S. Constitution is and nowhere in it does the word "god" appear.

  9. Miss Yvonne

    Which, out of history's endless parade of gods, is the one they mention?

  10. CC

    You are mistaken. The national anthem is the Star Spangled Banner, and no where in it does it mention any god.

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