Is herpes a life sentenced decease? How much time it takes to get cure? What are the daily life precautions.?

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  1. Kathy Miller

    I got herpes of the mouth from drinking out of a dirty glass that someone that had it had used. I got rid of it by taking Vitamin B-5 (pathothenic acid) every 3 hours around the clock along with a B complex once a day. It never came back. Doctors cannot cure it.

  2. Jackie m

    There is no cure for it but creams do help when it flares up but almost everyone has oral herpes and better known as cold sore, thankfully I never got it.

  3. Nathan

    Ohhhh you got da herpes brah

  4. mokrie

    As far as I know it's lifetime but there are meds to help with flareups.

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