Can my cat have tuna for one day, also is milk bad for kittens?

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  1. John M

    Tuna is fine every once in a while as a treat many canned foods for cats contain white fish and tuna or chicken and tuna. Cows milk contains lactose some cats can digest it other cats it causes gas and diarrhea.

  2. Ocimom

    Tuna is NOT good for cats - not the people kind or the cat food kind. Our cats don't get fish other then salmon that is mixed with chicken in the can. And cow's milk can give the kittens loose stools.

  3. Beverly

    Cows milk is good for one thing, baby cows. Your kittens/cats can get very bad digestive upset and diarrhea which can cause dehydration and lack of nutrition. Just a little bite of tuna is okay.

  4. kelvin

    your cat can have tuna for one day and yes milk is bad for kittens as there body can't assorb it

  5. Bernard

    Milk is bad for kitten - they need special formula
    Your can can have tuna for more than one day

  6. Horsense

    Feeding fish to cats or dogs is not advisable.

    Fish for human consumption is safer than that sold for animals,
    but, it doesn't have taurine (which is an essential nutrient for cats to get in their food).

    "Fish as a Protein Source in Pet Foods"

  7. edgar

    Its possibly safer to assume cats and dogs like true meat than fish in small bite size and water instead of milk!!!???!!!

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