I jokingly said that i should have arrived on time... (even though on the inside i was wondering why they were giving me the directions to their apartment up to the minute i arrived, and never said anything like "oh you don't need to bring anything."
I just feel sad.

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  1. Mean Jelly Bean

    You should have gotten there 45 minutes earlier. It sounds like you didn't go directly to the get together after buying the food at the store. So in actuality, you are the one at fault here. And don't go on with the victim act, your co-workers were probably getting hungry and got tired of waiting around for you. Next time this comes up, show up at the appointed time. When people say..."still come" it doesn't mean you can take your own sweet time to get there.

  2. Patricia

    Things happen, don't take it to heart. Whoever told you probably didn't know how long it was going to be and then you didn't let them know how late you were going to be. It's just one of those days, don't worry, really. We overthink things sometimes.

  3. houseofyum

    They sound a bit self-involved.

  4. Joe

    Get over it, and don't do it again.

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