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How can I get a advance on a future inhertance?

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  1. Lamb-chop of God

    Have you never heard the proverb "Don't count your chickens until they've hatched", my friend? What makes you so certain you'll ever GET the 'future inheritance' you are (apparently) expecting? What if the person you are expecting to leave you this money gets sued next week and loses their entire net worth? Or what if they find out you POSTED this question and decides to write you out of their Will? (After all, you did little to hide your identity! )

    Earn your own money. That way any extra that does or does not come your way will be an unexpected delight....and those are always the best kind!

  2. Chuckles

    You have to ask the person that you would inherit the money from. I did this with my mother to top up the amount I needed to buy an investment property in 2011. Fortunately I am an only child and there were no other people other than my adult daughter named in her will.

    When the time comes, my daughter will get the exact same money from the estate before we divide the remainder. For security for my daughter the investment property is titled in my daughter's name.

  3. Snezzy

    Look up "inheritance powder" but hide all evidence that you ever knew anything about it.

    Oh, and try to use it during the 18th or 19th century, when forensic chemistry was not as able to detect arsenic poisoning as it can now.

  4. Bryan

    Who says you're going to get an inheritance?

  5. Exoplanet

    I didn't know there was a motorcycle named "Future Ineritance" that has user-adjustable timing advance. Good name, though. "Lottery" works, too.

  6. DR + Mrs Bears face

    Hi You can't this is never ever going to happen.only when the money is released.

  7. thebax2006

    It's not your money until they pass away. They will likely spend it before you get it.

  8. WRG

    As whoever is going to leave you the money.

  9. Anonymous

    Ask your daddy

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