****We have never BEEN in snow, of course we have "seen" it on TV and whatnot. Lol.

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  1. I Like Stories

    Find a cheaper place to go than Aspen. Aspen is to Colorado what Palm Beach is to Florida. Don't get me wrong, Aspen is a beautiful place, but there are lots of places to see snow. Hard to do better than Lake Tahoe in California, when they get snow it puts Colorado to shame and in my opinion the scenery is better. Same with upstate NY, Buffalo gets huge amounts of snow every winter. Go to Seattle during the winter, drive about 50 miles east on I90 and you will be in snow, when you've had your fun in the snow go back to Seattle where there is no snow.

    You will want some sort of hat that covers your ears. You will want gloves/mittens. You will want a warm coat. It's best to layer, warm shirt with warm sweater with warm jacket...then if you feel warm you can take a layer off.

    You might want some sort of water proof footwear, but you might be able to get by without it. Regardless you don't want to bring flip flops. The kind of footwear you need is dependent on the weather of the day. If it's snowing you will want something waterproof. If it's not snowing, likely the sidewalks etc.. will be clear and dry and sneakers are good enough. Places that get snow on a regular basis are very good at cleaning it off the main travel ways quickly.

    If you are planning to ski/snowboard, you will want waterproof pants, jacket, gloves/mittens and a hat that covers your ears as well as sunglasses. If it is actually snowing when you are skiing you may want goggles. If you're a beginner skier you will spend most of the day laying in the snow, cold and wet is no fun.

  2. eyecue_two

    Sunglasses are a must, so are warm gloves, good socks and shoes. Head covering like a warm woven watch cap and a scarf are advised. Cover your ears and If you get numb toes or finger get out of the cold, frostbite is bad.

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