Hi, me and my family have been struggling with getting into a place for the past two years now. The last time we had a place/house was in June of 2014. Ever since, we have been in and out of motels and homeless shelters. In the past month, my dad has been diagnosed with a severe blood clot in his leg, and he takes...

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  1. JMITW

    Section 8 wait lists are usually closed, even if you can get on, it can take 3-10 years to get a voucher. Unless disabled, adults must be working at least 32 hours per week. If he can go back to work as a carpenter, he would make too much money to qualify. He should look into working at home depot or lowes if he is no longer able to be a carpenter. A blood clot does not count as disabled for section 8 eligibility as it is treatable. Besides by time he could get a voucher, you and your brother would be adults and he would likely be ineligible as a single adult without kids....

    Subsidized housing still requires income. a nursing home would only be temporary until the blood clot was treated and he could walk again.

    if dad does go into a nursing home, he could place you with friends, otherwise you would go into a foster home.

  2. Flower

    No there is no government program but your Dad may qualify for some local subsidized housing if y ou apply at the county or city Housing Authority. And in some cities the Social Services will help pay the rent. You posted this before and I said the same thing. Contact Social Services and the Housing Authority. Dont call or lv msgs, go in person. Your Dad should probably be in a nursing home using Medicaid. If there are other adults in the family they can work and also apply for housing. Each region has their own rental programs. Since you are 16 you need an adult to inquire. I hope your Dad has applied for Medicaid so he can go to a nursing home.

  3. D R

    have your father contact social services and ask.

    I'm not sure but I highly doubt that there is anybody who will pay your entire rent if that was the case there would be no such thing as homelessness.

    YOU should not be worrying about this, you are a kid. Your father needs to check on this. Just because your father can't move his legs does not mean he can't work. There are plenty of people without legs or in wheel chairs who work. He might have to do something other then carpentry but he can work.

  4. Felony Jayne

    That sounds like a terrible situation. You are really brave to take on the role of sorting out what your family should do. It takes a real man/woman to do that, especially when your dad isn't taking care of you and your brother. You could call social services to help get you into a safer place

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