My mother is like a hoarder, but isn't because she is willing to give up the things but only through a garage sale. Her house, car, and even her store are wall to wall, ceiling to floor full of junk. It's absurd and very stressful on the me and my brother. Only the driver seat in her car is clear and she...

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  1. Merlene

    You mother is a hoarder. I'm not sure why you insist she isn't.

    It's a terrible disorder. She won't be able to stop on her own. She's compulsive, and probably wakes up every day thinking about getting more stuff. She needs professional help.

    She might tell you she's willing to give up stuff by having a garage sale, but obviously she hasn't done much giving up.

  2. Blubber

    Your mother IS a hoarder. She needs to see a psychologist.

  3. arianaadamsfoster

    you should watch "Hoarders" a reality tv show on A&E Network. that will show you how to help her.

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