Humans have gotten to this point through evolution. That involves natural selection and that favors the strong.

If you allow the weak to get special favors then surely civilization will eventually disintegrate and die.

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  1. .Jerry.

    "Will affirmative action eventually lead to the destruction of the human race?"

    I don't think just affirmative action or the human race. But I believe that the full on cultural M@rxism (of which feminism is a part of), will destroy Western civilization exactly as per it's stated goals.

    Affirmative action is just one small part of it all. In this case it is a demotivating rule-changer that punishes hard work and diligence only to reward others that have been deemed to be rewarded for superficial reasons. Sounds like communism, doesn't it?

    Add in all the various other social engineering programs that have the same de motivational affect and we end up with a society of either fully demotivated people who USED to be the providers and producers, or non-productive dreamers who are the recipients of unearned privilege who still spend their time dreaming and producing nothing of value.

    The communist Soviet union ended exactly this way. We are now following their path by having absorbed the feminist cancer which has now become full on cultural M@rxist with all kinds of nonsense that has nothing to do with equality or even women's issues like -gender as a social construct- and "white privilege", "toxic masculinity", gay/lgbt issues, diversity and multiculturalism, political correctness, banning speech that hurts peoples feelings and so on.

    Today's feminists seem to be fully on board with all this social engineering that is going to destroy our Western civilization. Ironically, this is the only civilized society to have given women equal Rights.

  2. laslo

    Actually no. Your idea of evolution is incorrect. Natural selection favors the SMART, not the strong. Species that co-operate survive. Mere conquest of one species over another usually leads to destruction of both. What you believe in is SOCIAL DARWINISM, which isn't Darwin, but a perversion of Darwin created to excuse the abuses of the Industrial Revolution.

  3. Anonymous

    Favoring some at the expense of others (on a non meritocratic base), which is what affirmative action is, has been extensively used from the dawn of our civilization and we are still here.

  4. Hotblack

    No, but possibly societal destruction - When the best people stop winning because they may be the wrong gender, you run in to the same problem there has always been with Marxism; why strive to do better if you don't benefit?

  5. liz

    Nope. Natural selection is no longer applicable to humans. We value people with all kinds of different abilities regardless of how they'd survive in the wild. Medicine and technology have got round it.

  6. Lhotse

    Natural selection in the human race hasn't been at play in centuries. As soon as we started looking after our frail aged and our disabled natural selection was toast.

    Your argument is invalid.

  7. Wage Slave

    No. Affirmative action is based on the assumption that you are selecting between similarly qualified (e.g. relatively equally "strong") individuals.

  8. chickenwing

    As someone with a Major in Anthropology I agree with you.

  9. STEVE

    If a society condones discrimination masquerading as opposition to racism and sexism, it should be destroyed.

  10. Anonymous

    No, it just leads to inefficiency and bitterness between groups of people.

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