My mom walked in on me. She came home early and I didn't hear her. I was an idiot and forgot to lock the door. She knocked but immediately opened the door and I couldn't get a blanket or nothing. She screamed (Yeah I know) and I yelled back I'm sorry. She left the house for back to school night but what...

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  1. John

    Well, your mom is going to have to understand that boys and girls do this and if I were you I wouldn't say anything to her unless she says something to you first. And next time, BE DARN MORE CAREFUL!

  2. Zac

    Nothing. It happens; you're human. Life goes on...

  3. Jack

    Don't say anything it just let it pass. She knows it's normal so why explain that would only make things more awkward. Just laugh about it and forget it. lol

  4. Rachel

    Don't bring it up to her again.

  5. art

    wow that's going to make life awkward, well at least she wont need to give you the "Talk" about where babies come fom

  6. Jack

    Just say nothing and let her initiate the conversation...if any. From now on, LOCK THE DOOR.

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