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I recently homed a new kitten, my 16yo cat isn't happy and stays out most of the time, any tips, should I lock them in until they get on?

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  1. Nae

    Old fashioned way of taking a towel and rubbing it on the Kitten so the Adult cat can get used to the scent, also place treats between them in a closed door room. Watch them of course...This is what I did and now I have a lovely 3 month kitten and 6 year old cat who play together!

    Good luck

  2. Resist Wedding Indus

    Get a big german sheppard size kennel for the kitten so the senior cat can have several hours each day and most of his/her nights free of kitten interference. Dispense cat treats to senior kitty right by the baby kitty's kennel so that senior cat will come to think like this: "I can't stand this darn kitten, but whenever I'm around it wonderful things happen." Gradually start also giving your senior cat treats when the kitten is running free.

    If you don't want that big cage in your house, try keeping baby kitty in one room for a few weeks but still arranging those "when this darn kitten is around me, wonderful things happen" experiences for senior kitty.

  3. Elena

    There is hope but you pretty much have to start all over again with the introductions.

    The cats will have to be kept separated but able to hear and smell each other. Some folks suggest rubbing a towel on each cat and then putting that towel with the other cat to get them used to the scent of each other.

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