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He committed the unpardonable sin (not worshiping the American Flag properly and only kneeling before it instead of facing it with his hand over his heart).

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  1. Bobby Jim

    The unforgivable sin for Kaepernick, I believe, is that he converted to Islam.

  2. Bulky_Bob

    He is a sinner like you and me. But He is going to hell if he failed to place his faith and trust in Jesus as Lord and Savior. The fact that he has a Muslim girlfriend with Muslim parents is a good indicator that he has failed to get right with Jesus. His foolish social injustice protest is the least of his eternal worries.

  3. Anonymous

    the 49ers game was ( like all NFL games ) a private function , if he wants to exercise his rights he should do it in a public forum, the people who have paid a lot of money are there to watch a football game not watch a pampered idiot making a fool of himself

  4. Dr Yes

    What do you mean? Is he getting hooked on Yahoo Answers?

    Let us prey!

  5. Anonymous

    We don't speculate on such matters. God needs no help in the judgment dept

  6. Taylor

    You are the trivial subhuman that thinks this outweighs real human tragedy.

  7. Matthew T

    I see nothing wrong in what he did. He exercised his freedom of expression.

  8. Sookey

    You mean he failed to commit idolatry? How horrible.

  9. jimmy

    LMFAO, as if the US flag is something special.

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