are there any measures being taken to offset their polluting ways??

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  1. Manxbiker

    Thursday, 28 June 2007,
    Going green

    Earlier this week, Prince Charles published figures showing that his household has gone carbon neutral.

    He also cut his overall carbon emissions by 9% in the last year by taking fewer flights and switching to "green electricity" at Highgrove.

    The Queen is now said to be following his lead and the Royal household has begun measuring its carbon footprint.

    Sir Alan said: "Success has been achieved in reducing carbon emissions on gas and electricity by 1,000 tonnes or 12% during the year, through lower energy consumption and the introduction of a new combined heat and power plant at Windsor Castle .

  2. C.G.

    The British royals are; Charles has been guiding the family for years now in more greener ways.

    Charles even converted a car to take recycled wines instead of gas. Hydroelectric power is an option being used.Windsor started using this form of power in 2011.

    This is from 2014:
    The Queen has signed up to a carbon-cutting club in a bid to lower emissions in the royal palaces.

    The Royal Household, which runs Buckingham Palace, St James’s Palace, Kensington Palace and Windsor Castle, has joined a network of organisations which swap tools and techniques to lower their carbon footprint.

    It emerged earlier this month that Her Majesty is concerned about climate change after she asked Met Office chief scientist Dame Julia Slingo if global warming had been responsible for a high level of flooding at her Balmoral estate.

    A Buckingham Palace spokesman confirmed its membership of the not-for-profit discussion group, adding: “The Royal Household always looks at ways to improve its energy consumption and environmental impact...

  3. Baron Clownish

    Carbon neutrality is a sham. Just by living, people consume oxygen and emit carbon dioxide. The concept of carbon neutrality is to find some poor people who are emitting carbon dioxide (each one emitting much less than you) and pay them to emit less - thereby somehow offsetting your own carbon emissions. You then claim their share of carbon emissions in perpetuity. In practice, commercial companies act as the middle men in all this. You pay them to offset your own emissions and then they pay the poor people. They sell the same carbon savings in developing countries many times over and pocket the profits - which they spend on meat, utilities, fast cars and exotic holidays.

  4. dj

    I understand that Charles is going to have all lawn mowing duties at Highgrove carried out by sheep, not just any sheep but black sheep as they absorb more carbon from the atmosphere than white sheep do.

  5. Angelic Upstart

    Have all the palaces got double glazing?, have they all got loft insulation,? have they all got solar panels? are they all on a water meter? I could go on ...but you get the point. They cannot be carbon neutral.

  6. Anonymous

    I doubt it with all the jetseting they do overseas and Buckingham palace seems to have a huge heating bill and most of the heat just escapes outside

  7. Jim

    Thanks, super-troll.

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