If my flight is missed, can ticket be changed to another date?

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  1. Rona Lachat

    WHY did you miss your flight?
    Just late to the Airport TOO BAD. You buy a New Ticket.

    Missed Connection?
    You might get a Free Ticket for next available seat . Depends on the way you purchased the tickets for your two flights.
    Miss the Concert. The band does not come back and play just for you.
    The Airline does not run a special flight to take you because you showed up late,slept in were caught in traffic or whatever.
    If it is a connecting flight in your travel plan the Airline is responsible to get you to destination. It could be a different routing. IT IS NOT Next flight out. NEXT AVAILABLE Seat. Could be a hour at peak time might be a week.

  2. eatbabyseals

    Depends on what you mean by "missed"
    There is generally a "flat tire" rule that means if you arrive to the airport within 2 hours of your departure time, they'll get you on the next available flight with room.
    However, if you simply decided not to take your flight, you're 99.9% chance SOL. No show means automatic fortiture of your ticket and any other flights on the itinerary.
    Once your flight time and date has passed, the airline has fulfilled it's end of the contract of carraige whether you flew or not. The airline is not obligated to do anything at this point.

  3. MS

    If you miss your flight due a delay on another flight (that was booked on the same itinerary), then the airline will put you on the next available flight (which is not always the next fight) free of charge.

    If you missed your flight because you didn't get to the airport in time, got stuck in traffic, fell asleep while waiting, etc then you are most likely out of luck and would have to purchase a new ticket.

  4. Herfnerd

    If you missed the flight due to a late arrival of a connection, you MIGHT be able to change to another date. You would have to check the ticket's T&C's and speak with guest services

    If you missed the flight because you were late in getting to the airport, tied up in Security, etc - you're pretty much SOL

  5. TedEx

    Some tickets are like tickets to a concert. The concert will go on whether or not you show up. If you do , fine. if you don't show up, your tickets are worthless.

    SOME tickets may be exchangeable, but at a price.
    You will have to contact the airline, but the more you expect, the more disappointed you will be

  6. Italian69

    You'll have to check the T's & Cs of the airline buddy.I'm sure if you make an excuse like "my dog ate my homework" or some other awesome, genuine reason for being late, they'll change it for you :)


    Unlikely. That'll teach you to be late!

  8. Angela

    if there is a spot available i think you can

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