I'm 15 and I see no redeeming qualities to my life whatsoever. I have NO close friends and I have so much work it feels that it is the only bit of "life" I have. What makes this worse is that I used to have plenty of close friends and they really were amazing. But because I was very anti-social back...

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  1. Helen

    Depression can affect anyone of any age and status, but you may not necessarily be depressed. Depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain. It isn't the same as being a little bit down in the dumps, or upset about certain circumstances.
    You seem to be feeling depressed as a result of loneliness and boredom. Have you told your parents how you feel? Why did you drift from your friends and is there any way you can get back in touch?
    Consider taking up a sport or a hobby that interests you. You will meet like-minded people, get a break from all the schoolwork, and hopefully make more friends.A lot of people are too keen to throw the word 'depression' around, when in reality, a few lifestyle adjustments could be all that's needed.
    If you do all the above, and still feel depressed or like there's no reason to live, then speak to a doctor.

  2. helping_people

    If you had close friends before, you can have that again.

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