Was Trump talking about the "Deplorable" comment while his fans in the audience punched protesters being removed from the venue?

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  1. Anonymous

    you've never been to a trump rally. 99% of his supporters are peaceful and REALLY nice and friendly.
    it was actually the protestors who get violent. it's a joke what the media tries to say about trump supporters. true, you can easily find a dozen examples of bad supporters, but you can with EVERY candidate. and the media tries to promote those bad trumpers. never talking about the violence of the protestors.

  2. Anonymous

    You mean the Soros and Move-On.Org paid disruptors staging those violent outbursts?

  3. Anonymous

    No, and you are full of crap. Take your Clinton with you, get out of America and don't come back.

  4. Justin Thyme

    You must not have seen the video of that.

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