Are there IRS scams going on now?

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  1. Pauly W

    The IRS Scams have been going on for several years. I had one last weekend when I was at my cabin, and the caller stated that I will face jail time if I don't pay up. The IRS will NEVER call you on the phone, If you do apparently owe money, they would send you something in the mail.

  2. Mr Andrew

    You bet there are IRS scams going on now, via telephone calls. I had 3 of those calls in less then a month, and it is usually a recorded message saying to you that if you don't take legal action we could face federal charges. Best thing to do is hang up the phone.

  3. David and Stephanie

    There are ALWAYS IRS scams going on.

    The most common ones seem to be the phone calls claiming that you owe taxes and asking for credit card info to pay off your tax debt. The really nasty ones threaten to send the police to arrest you on the spot if you don't pay.

    Just hang up.

  4. StephenWeinstein

    Yes. Many.

  5. Max Hoopla

    Yes. Lots of them. They will hold up your refund next year.

  6. Judy


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