It's like as soon as the muslims discover that a Christian supports Israel and the Jews(not only in the religious way,but also on the political and moral level. Not just because Jesus was a Jew,but also because the Jews are REALLY not deserving of anti-semitism and it's a fact),the muslim goes crazy and...

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    Muslims like to tell themselves that "Israel hates Christians and Christians are turning against Israel/Jews" When a Christian points out they support Israel/Jews, it shatters their delusions that Israel is losing the support from Christians.

    Fun facts;
    #1 Increasing numbers of Christians are visiting Israel
    #2 Increasing numbers of Christian are joining the Israeli army
    #3 The number of Christians living in Israel is increasing.
    #4 The number of Christians living in areas controlled by the Palestinian authority is decreasing as they face discrimination from Palestinian Muslims. They move into Israeli controlled parts of the WB or into Israel.
    #5 There's only one country in the Middle East which has seen an increase in the Christian population - Israel.

    More facts for them to rage about :)

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    I wouldn't bother questioning as to why they get angry. They get angry about so many things, even trivial things. Lets just accept they're angry for the most part.

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