Jessica Rivera,HowGan

So I'm a 32 DD but it's hard for me to shop for bras when only lingerie stores carry that size so I was wondering if there's a size that I can compromise with that I can find at more places ??

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  1. Anonymous

    Come on, Jessica, You have to know that Lingerie stores ARE NOT THE ONLY STORES THAT SELL YOUR SIZE OF A 32 DD All Major Dept. stores like Macy's Dillards, Sears,Target, K-marts and ,Walmarts, sell your size of a 32dd. I AM A 36DDD/EE, I buy mine at Dillard's or Macy's. I use to buy them at Walmart. "Curvation" bras are the best at Walmart, and they will have your size.

  2. april ludgate

    not only lingerie stores carry that size...??? It's a little bit harder to find, but department stores and even Target carries it. I know Aerie carries it.

  3. myfavouritelucy

    I see 32DD bras EVERYWHERE... M&S, even TESCO! You aren't looking!

  4. ski

    wear bigger

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