Keep in mind this guy lives a few states away from me. He still wants to see me for some reason. Some male friends say he has to have power over women. I just want him deported because we don't need this trash in America.

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  1. Anser

    Cut off all contact with this guy. Deactivate social media accounts if necessary. File a complaint with the police department. Ask for a restraining order. This is a classic case of domestic abuse and the sooner you get out of this situation, the better.

  2. Obvious Lee

    There are numerous things I would do if I were you. Take the evidence and ship it to his wife, contact immigration about his invalid visa, go to the police to get protection, but first off - quit sleeping with him. A swift kick in the nuts should make him back off long enough for you to get away.

    From the sounds of it though, you'll cause yourself more harm by not taking any action. It's obvious by now that he's not going to leave you alone.

  3. Stoo

    Never, ever talk to this person again. If you aren't into pain as part of sex and didn't want this to happen, it's sexual assault, plain and simple. Tell him to fûck off if he tries to say hi, and get a restraining order immediately.

  4. Deplorable Basketeer

    Mudsharks get what they deserve. You are a race traitor, I hope he Allah Akbars you.


    Why the hell have'nt you gone to the police about this guy? scream if you see him, for god's sake get a brain.

  6. edgar

    Who needs an Asian punching you up girl!!!???!!!

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