I ran out of actual lubricant and my treadmill makes a really loud noise so I need some thing to stop it, so can I use it??

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  1. Scottie

    No, because it is a vegetable oil and it will become rancid and degrade. If you left a cup of olive oil out on the counter it would start to go sour/smelly. And it's not the smell that's the problem, it's that the oil will break down and stop being oily. So no. Only mineral oil. A drop or two of car engine oil would do just fine.

  2. Erik

    Nope. It won't last long enough. Just don't use your treadmill until you can get your hands on some actual lubricant. And don't use KY Jelly either.

  3. L.N.

    Vegetable oils harden after a while. It won't be pretty.

  4. don r

    You can and it will get gummy. 3-in-One oil would be better and you can buy that all over the place.

  5. Denton

    No it's not the SA e visocity

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