Hi, This is first year for me to teach in US. I need your help. There was one student missing and I need to write an email to his mom. I just wanted to confirm that they know the class time and give them an assignment sheet. How would you phrase it? We had our first lesson yesterday, but your child was...

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  1. mrsd

    Dear Mrs. Smith,
    Due to Charlie's absence yesterday he missed the following assignments:
    1. Read pages 23-45 (Chapter 2) in History
    2. Do Math problems 1-15 on page 20
    3. Do attached Science worksheet
    Missed work needs to be completed by Monday at 8:00 am

    Jane Doe
    (include contact info)

  2. bluebellbkk

    And "PS: If a child has to be absent from school for any reason, parents are obliged to inform the school, in advance if possible, but in any case during the school day."

  3. DCM5150

    Why would you write a letter/email to the parents?

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