I moved to Canada just 3 weeks ago from Ireland and I've started school, I have to write 1 or 2 paragraphs on what it means to be Canadian but I'm not Canadian and I've only been here for 3 weeks. I don't know what to write. Any ideas?

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  1. Rona Lachat

    Write what ever you want.
    You can write what is different from home. Maybe the classroom. The school bus or whatever. It is just 3 weeks for you. What is DIFFERENT for you. The Food, the grocery store, the television, the traffic on the road,the smells in the air, The games played at school.

    GET OVER IT. This is a first assignment to see how you can write form sentences relate them to one another and so on. It is not some University thesis on Immigration Canada vs Ireland. I'm not Canadian I think being Canadian means you play football with your hands. I think being Canadian means you live in an Igloo year round and shiver in the snow.
    It does not need to be accurate. Just needs to use correct grammar,spelling and punctuation.

    Show those Canadian children that the Irish are not illiterate Leprechaun chasers.

    Maybe I think being Canadian is like being Irish, You like your go to school and do not like it. The girls (or boys)chase you. Sometimes you run fast. The homework is too much and teachers mark too hard.

  2. Jay P

    There is no right nor wrong answer to that question.

    You could write your paper on what you think a Canadian is or you could write it on your first observed differences between Ireland and Canada for example.

    As pointed out by Rona, the subject matter of your paper is not really that important. What your teacher is more likely looking for is proper sentence structure and grammar to get an idea of your current education level.

  3. micheal

    Look at the question a different way - when will you feel you are a Canadian?

  4. ray

    write it from your perspective- what do you see that is different from what you are used to, what you think is good and bad. 3 weeks is not a long time, but you must have first impressions.
    you can research on your own the UN and OECD think highly of canada, so do many people who want to move here.
    the one common theme is NOT American.

  5. capitalgentleman

    Why did your family come to Canada? Presumably, it was for a better life. What are your dreams? You are in an ideal position to write about that!

  6. no name

    Answer this. Why did you move to Canada? If all the countries in the world why did your family choose Canada?
    The reasoning for that answer is the answer to your question.

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