My fingers are tiny to the point that I ve been failing to do the F chord for a week without blocking the A chord or making it sound weak. I m getting frustrated. What should i do

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  1. TommyMc

    Since ukulele is such a small instrument, your tiny fingers are actually an advantage. The F chord is simple to play and only requires 2 fingers (2-0-1-0)

    When you say you're blocking the A "chord", do you mean the A "string"?

    There are really only a few reasons that strings get muted. Are you pressing hard enough? Is your finger too close to the fret? Ideally, you should press the strings at the midpoint between the frets. Also try moving your wrist farther under the neck so that your fingers are able to attack the strings from closer to a 90 degree angle. The more perpendicular your fingers are, the less room they take up between strings.

    Whenever you hear a muted string, examine your finger position to see which of the above reasons are causing the problem. Then move your fingers to correct it. Practice, practice, practice. You *will* get it.

  2. Mikey, just Mikey

    You should keep practicing until you master it. Small hands have nothing to do with it, especially on the ukulele. Every beginner has trouble with the F chord but they all get it when they stick to it and keep practicing.

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