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Hello, my name is Brandon I am 17 years old. I have been in the United States by 5 months and I am learning English and taking the GED, well I would like to get in in the U.S Air Force but, I do not know how to start for example what classes I should to take. Could somebody give me an advice?

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  1. Mrsjvb

    1: have at minimum a Green card good for ten years or be a US citizen.
    2: have a regular high school diploma or a GED and 15 100 level college credits
    3: meet all other requirements( legally, morally, physically)

  2. Anonymous

    Brandon,to enlist in the military you have to be a US citizen,then you need a high school diploma

  3. Bill

    Brandon, I have a clever idea see an Air Force recruiter.....................

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