Will I (male) be arrested if I enter a women's bathroom, if I believe that I am a women. Do I get it wrong that Obama declared it's OK?

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  1. justagrandma

    Yes, you can't just believe your a woman, you have to look and act the part.
    That means you're going to get dressed up, stuff a bra, let your hair grow, maybe get a little wax job on the hair, get your eyebrows plucked, put on your make up.
    You really want to go through all that to pee in the ladies?

  2. DJ

    If you truly believed you're a woman, no. If you were an anti-trans protester trying to make a point, I would pepper spray some sense into you and then tell the police you were stalking me.

  3. StephenWeinstein

    You got it very wrong.

    Obama was speaking ONLY about students in bathrooms in public schools. He said NOTHING about adults going into bathrooms and NOTHING about going into bathrooms that are not in schools. It was ONLY about children and ONLY about the bathrooms in SCHOOLS and nowhere else.

  4. Mina

    can you go start a flame war somewhere else no one here thinks it's cute

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