We let our two year olds choose a name because everyone else was doing and we did not want them to feel left out. Besides, I did say we liked Sofia and Aurora. As for the six-year-old, that's what kids do. Choose their favorite super hero or TV character. For your information, this is not a troll. We had Diego...

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  1. Bridgitte

    Ruth Naomi and Anne (Annie Ruthie and Naomi)
    Ruth Dorothy and Elodie

    I absolutely love Elodie. It might be too similar to your Ellie but you could use Lodie or Dede as a nickname, it sounds musical and rolls off the tongue and Elodie and Ruth sound like siblings

    Lillian Ruth and Elodie is also a great combo. All of the kids names match and are old fashioned but not old. Lily/Annie Dede/Lodie and Ruthie are great nicknames

    Hazel fits perfectly with Ruth too. Hazel, Alice, and Ruth are all great too

    Violet blends perfectly and is a wonderful name. Nicknames would be tricky but you can always call her Vy for short

    Vera Lucille and Hazel all blend nicely too

    Clara June and Ruth

    Adelaide is wonderful with the Addie nickname

  2. Anonymous

    The likelihood of this scenario happening in real life is slim to none. If they are triplet girls, why would Diego even be an option? Letting your two old suggests names? Fake fake fake fake troll troll troll troll

  3. layla

    I love Sophie Lynn, Ruth Noelle, and Charlotte Elise

  4. Mackenzie

    Ruth, Beth, and Joan

    Ruth, Rachel, and Robin

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