Turned in the application yesterday (Monday), and I'm just curious as to how long it usually takes for landlords to make their decision. I should have asked them, but forgot to and don't want to call and bother them with any more questions! I don't have any renting history so I know they won't need...

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  1. 28AKO

    give it to Wednesday to hear back at latest

  2. D R

    was it at a multi until complex a privately owned place.... need details.

  3. Maxi

    They will do checks on your background/credit and as you have no rental history they may come back and ask you for a guarantor to also sign... my agent will inform new tenants within hours, some will take a couple of days

  4. Allison

    It depends on how many other people applied and if they have to do a credit/background check.

  5. JMITW

    a few minutes through a few months

  6. Robt

    We don't have a clue obviously cause WHERE determines if u qualify.
    Here you wait until next week

  7. Ryan M

    It can take minutes or months. There is no "usual" answer that applies to all apartment landlords. You can call THEM up and ask! Don't be so passive aggressive by asking strangers instead of the ONLY person who can accurately answer your question.

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