Do have to see a doctor. Or will you just be fine?

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  1. Pink Fluffy Unicorns

    Yes you will need medical attention so you will need to see a doctor asap

  2. theparadox1999

    Black widow bites usually aren't lethal unless ur a child or elderly or someone with a decreased immune system but if u are bit by a black widow whoever u are it's best to go to doctors or hospital asap

  3. Olivia

    a black widow bite could be fatal, so yes you would need medical attention

  4. Fritz

    You need to see a doctor. Immediately.

  5. Bmore

    drink milk and flush your eyes for 15 minutes

  6. maddy

    go to the emergency room immediately, you may be infected.

  7. Brocktherock

    pros: survive and become a super hero

    cons: you die...

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