Okay so I've known this guy for almost a year and we admitted that we like each other but we werent in a relationship because we live 1k miles away. Anyways we fought a lot and I was about to leave everything but he told me to stay and just 2 days later he said he found someone in real life and that she told...

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  1. Anonymous


    Stop asking this question if you are not going to listen to reality.
    You will never find happiness in life nor in love, if you are not able to face reality.
    And the reality with this guy is that he wants you to go away and leave him alone. All your wishful thinking and denial will not change this and will only prolong how long it takes you to get over him and become happy again.

    Instead of asking this AGAIN, go talk to a therapist instead. Something is wrong with you if you keep on asking this question over and over.

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