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This disgusts me. If you re white and think your skin color makes you better than a black person, you re a racist piece of ****. If you re black and think your skin color makes you better than a white person, you re also a racist piece of ****. Reverse racism implies hatred against white people is okay and...

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  1.          Puʀse. ©;  

    I don't think it matters why 'reverse racism,' is called that - but rather looking in depth in what it is trying to posit, or points out. ''Reverse,'' racism is just a faulty terminology for 'racism'. It may be incorrectly executed, but it further doesn't invalidate the actual assertions in which it tries to exude. For example, ''reverse racism,'' - or people that posit reverse racism are simply talking about racism against whites, I think, instead of focusing on semantics, we should evaluate what exactly is being meant.

    I think these hasty biases also happen with the BLM, (reactionary All Lives Matter), and other ideologies or systems that all put too much focus and emphasis on language games and contextual semantics instead of what exactly is being argued.

  2. BlvckPower

    reverse racism isn't real. Whites made it up so they can justify actual real racism. So when black people are being shot and killee like stray dogs on the street , whites can say well its okay because someone called them a hill billy on the web and that is an equal form of racism....point blank period.

  3. Cornelius

    racism is racism. reverse racism to me would be no racism or equality. the term reverse racism implies that no one can be racist except white people which is ultimately a completely idiotic notion.

  4. OneDrop

    The white man calls it reverse racism. He says that if the black man doesn't trust him because he's white then that's "racism in reverse". He doesn't look at why his former slave doesn't trust him, he just concludes immediately that the African is a racist.

    But of course it's not racist to distrust someone who has forced you from your homeland, raped your women and enslaved your children.

  5. Anonymous

    The phrase ("reverse discrimination") was coined by the United States Supreme Court in one of the early Affirmative Action cases. That's why it's called what it's called. A bunch of old white men gave it that name.


    Racism in the Black Community only exists when it is convenient for them to do so. Most members of BLM and members of the Black Community are racist. That type of racism is okay and justified because it advances their agendas.

  7. Jetstorm

    That idiotic term is only used in the U.S, anywhere else racism is just called racism

  8. Scrimshaw

    its a reflection OF racist hatred towards white people and to a lesser degree other non-blacks.

    the people who use this phrase INADVERTANTLY ADMIT to the racist ideology they have been indoctrinated with by so called "anti racists" and "social justtice" and "civil rights" advocates and the like who LITERALLY treat "racism" as something ONLY white people can do....or more to the point, they treat racism as something only black people "cant" commit.

    that IS racism and racial hatred, its the kind of craven, racist ideology every single group who acts under that veneer of "social justice" follows where the hatred they practice "isnt".

    an end result of this, is that when people point out the OBVIOUS racial hatred, acts of racism in the context of hate towards white people, as well as the common and pervasive acts of racial violence that exist...

    they call it "reverse" racism. they are trying to apply the "rules" and "actions" that are otherwise called racist and racism without any argument to black people themselves.

    but again, this DEFY'S the indoctrination they follow... it shows that these people accept the idea that the "default" state of racism or a racist act is something done by white people...following this "logic", when that thing is done against white people then its the "reverse"

    its an ACT of racism towards white people in and of itself because it maintains that racist ideological dogma of "racism" being something white people do by "default".

  9. Tayler

    You are right....I was never raised or taught to hate my own race and other people's race...I actually respect everyone no matter what race they are. I am a black female who dated a mexican and white I made some white and mexican friends.

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