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I was recently prescribed something called Losartan/HCTZ - 50/12.5 MG Tablets. It's for my apparent high blood pressure. I'm an obese male, 34 years old. I have something called 'white coat syndrome' and hate taking blood pressure tests. They are always high. The doctor, however, insisted I take...

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  1. Dan

    Doctors are not always right, but we have the best possible information. Every medication has side effects, and a prescription is written when the likely positive effects outweigh the likely negative effects. In your case, your doctor believes the likely positive effects outweigh the likely negative effects.

    Please be careful about getting your information from random websites instead of from published research. High blood pressure causes blindness. High blood pressure causes heart problems. Will the medication reduce those risks? Yes, but it won't save everyone, and some of those people will incorrectly blame the medication for their blindness or heart problems. This is why we do careful studies so that we can compare the medication to other medications or to people with similar diagnoses who don't get treatment.

    High blood pressure is very dangerous. Please don't let people make you think the the medication is a higher risk than untreated hypertension. It's not.

    Everybody says they are going to lose weight first. They don't, or it takes them long enough that they suffer real damage from untreated blood pressure while they are slowly losing the weight.

    Take the medication. If you do lose the weight, talk to your doctor about trying to discontinue the medication to see how you react.

    And buy yourself a blood pressure cuff. Don't blame this on white coat syndrome unless you can establish that your blood pressure is normal at other times.

    Seriously. Untreated hypertension damages vessels in your heart and your brain and your kidneys and your eyes and everywhere else in your body. Take the medication.

  2. Serene E

    1. FDA makes pharma companies list every single side affect any person has ever had, even if it was 1 person in 10 million. they have to list it. So just because you see it on a list of possible side affects, means little to nothing.
    2. You can take medication and see if you get any side affects. Palps or nausea won't hurt you, dude. If you start feeling them, you stop taking the medication!!! It's that simple! This isn't dangerous, dude.
    3. As long as you know the risks of not taking the meds, don't take them. But know that with your weight issues, your high bp, that will kill you if you don't get them under control.
    4. I take losartan and have for 8 years. I've had no problems at all.

  3. Stella

    I take this medication, it made me a bit tired at first but that's it.
    Your doctor has probably been telling you to lose weight for years, but hey it's your stroke.

  4. Daniel

    I'd listen to your doctor but you're all in my prayers

  5. Ranchmom1

    When you have a stroke, if it doesn't kill you, you may regret trusting random reviews on the internet.

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