Logan's Roadhouse and Chili's have both interviewed me for server positions. Actually, Chili's just hired me today, but due to my lack of server experience, they're gonna start me off as a host. The manager said that he wouldn't keep me there, he'd just let me get used to everything....

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    You're learning the stations, what the food looks like, greet the guests, ensure the table is properly cleared and set for them, before they sit down. Dry is as important as clean. know where things go for stock, help run orders to tables when you can, as well as ensure the front end is properly stocked, clean and ready to roll. Watch, listen, and see what the other people do, how they interact and get things done. You'll be expected to pick it up, by watching the others, and perhaps a few pointers from the team, to get you on your way.

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