The Early Out allows sailors to leave the Navy 90 days prior to their soft EAOS. I signed a 2 yr. extension because the rate's pipeline is over a yr. long

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  1. Grandpa

    You can indeed request an early termination of your active duty for the purpose of entering college. The catch is that the earliest you can get out for that reason would be 90 days prior to your end of enlistment. You have a long way to go.

  2. jeeper_peeper321

    you can request to separate up to 90 days early for educational purposes

    so you have a ways to go to even think about it

  3. sɐıɯnzıZ

    You could request a "failure to adapt" chit, in which, if that gets approved, it's an easy way to get out.
    The only downside is, you need a chain of command that is willing to give it to you, and you cannot be undermanned or needed on the ship, for they will reject it to keep you in the billet.

  4. Sean

    You could call NPC and see what they say in your situation. The majority of people seeking an Early Out don't get them, because they are always in-demand.

  5. Wine Wine U Dirty Sk

    Then you aren't getting out early corky. Pretty simple concept. Even for a Sailor

  6. Mrsjvb

    you must factor in the extension before requesting early out.

  7. Max Hoopla

    You made it, you eat it.

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