How to overcome loneliness?

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  1. Been There

    Learn how to like your own company.
    Take up hobbies, take up challenges and things you need to learn.
    VOLUNTEER for something that directly helps others. This, more than anything else, makes you feel "connected" to others.

    The more we focus on ourselves, the more neurotic and unhappy we will be.
    But the more we DO for others (even if we have no relationship with this person), the happier and more-connected we feel.

  2. Ace Shorty

    Get yourself a sex maniac and then you then you will be wishing for peace and quiet.

  3. Coñsuela

    look at the positives to being alone .. trust me, other than hormonal impulses the positives FAR outweigh the negatives ..

  4. ARF

    dont be lonely

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