How can i raise a german shepherd dog in ethiopia basically what should be his treats?

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  1. Jojo

    Raising a dog in any country is basically the same worldwide.

    You need money, empathy, care, know how to train it, feed it a good quality food and exercise it adequately.
    If you have no concept of how to rear a puppy then go on the internet and RESEARCH thoroughly how to do this BEFORE even thinking about getting one.
    Treats should be what the dog prefers, be it praise, toys ,food, a game and only given when the dog earns them.

  2. GllntKnight

    Lol! There's more to raising any dog besides "treats".

    Obviously asking this shows, you're not experienced enough for this particular breed which is not for the novice first time owner, the dog requires a firm experienced owner.

    Perhaps consider getting a shelter/rescue dog, and even then only if you can provide basic care;

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