Is the Devil addicted to a smartphone?

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  1. Non-Believers Are De

    Technology itself is not evil but can be used for evil purposes and can also be evil in other ways. For instance technology makes life easier for people and more convenient for them but think about what it has done to people and to families. In many cases people spend more time on their smartphones whether talking or texting or depending on it for other things such as getting directions to places, looking up things, for entertainment, etc., etc... that they lost touch with spending quality time with family and friends which does cause alienation within relationships like let's say a man watching television or using a PC, tablet, or smartphone instead of spending time with his wife and children people that have become obsessed by such things have fallen into a trap of Satan.

    I wonder what would happen if thermal nuclear warheads were detonated in a high atmosphere which created an EMP that would disable all electrical devices I wonder how people would react when that technology that they depend upon was no longer there for them? Can we say panic, riots, rapes, and looting to put it into words most people you will find out are nothing more than barbarians caring only for their own welfare and safety.

  2. geessewereabove

    People wanting Brain Cancer and lots of other Cancers sure do! Cell Phones were proven and on the news as a Major cause of many types of Cancers by 1997! Caused buy the Electricity anthem!
    In 1992 sleeping close to elec. clocks were discovered and proved to be causing Brain Cancer from them, caused by the elec. in them!

  3. Babyvamp

    Lemme just Whatsapp him and ask.

  4. Rachael

    I had sex last night. I had whiskey shots off a mans ***.

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