Oh also I kinda don't like eating in front of people, I don't know why but it's not an eating disorder o_o

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  1. Lili

    It's really none of their business, especially if you are not losing alarming amounts of weight, but why not just explain that you don't eat during the day and why? How hard is that?

    I have bad news for you, though: not liking to eat in front of other people is a psychological problem. It's a form of eating disorder, a form of phobia, and it can get worse. You really need to see a therapist about it.

  2. Common Sense

    Go to McDonalds and buy several dollar menu items. Ask for an individual bag for each item you purchase. Or for people you know who eat fast food, ask them to save the wrappers.

    Bring them into work and be seen carrying them and tossing the wrappers and bags into the trash a couple times a week. This will give the illusion that you just ate and you then can say you had a large breakfast, so you are not hungry.

    Not wanting to eat in front of people is somewhat of an eating disorder.

  3. party

    There must be some reason why your coworkers think you have an eating disorder. Without knowing your height and weight, it's hard to determine. You might want to make an appointment with your primary care physician for a checkup and see what he/she thinks. When your doctor tells you that you have nothing to worry about, then you can tell your coworkers that.

  4. bluebellbkk

    They wouldn't think that unless you also LOOKED as if you had an eating disorder. Are you very thin? If so, you can't blame them.

  5. theparadox1999

    I'm the same I barely eat in the morning and after school I come home and have a huge meal I don't think it's a eating disorder u probaly just have a fast metabolism

  6. Ann

    when people offer me food, I often say that I have some serious food allergies so I don't dare. as far as not bringing yourself something to eat, you can say you eat a big breakfast before work, then a big dinner after work and a bed time snack

  7. Dobiegal

    tell them exercise diminishes your appetite, so you don't tend to get hungry until after you've unwound for the day. Are you like 5'8 and weigh 100 pounds or something?

  8. willy

    You should've savagely eaten several sausage sandwiches .

  9. GlennyBoy

    Let them think what they wanna think. It's not their life it's yours :)

  10. Bliss

    ignore it

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