My 12 year old granddaughter even tears up my clothes until they look like this:

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  1. Anonymous

    1. She will NOT hit you. And if she does , you have all the right in the world to hit her harder. Why ? She hit you and your older so you automatically have an advantage

    2. Don't have her over and you do a threatening of your own. If she comes you'll whip her or something like that.

    3. Explain to your son/daughter why you don't want her over.

    4.And don't be all sweet and kind to her if she come over. She's a spoiled brat. Be stiff and stern to her and make it clear that she's your least favorite granddaughter by being especially nice to the other 2.

    Also for the close tearing she needs serious mental help. Tell her mother/father and if they refuse to get her tested then they're not allowed to come over either. Honestly that's what my parents did not my nephew. And it was 100% affective.

  2. J

    You do NOT deserve that type of horrid nasty attitude and behavior from anyone let alone a grandKID When you have the seventeen year old over, have a private conversation with her and ask her if she has noticed any changes in the 12yr olds behavior or if there have been any problems at school or home with her. If there has been ask her what and why she thinks these issues are occurring. If you find out that she has good behavior otherwise and only pulls these stunts at your house then
    *Talk to her parents (your daughter or son) and tell them what has been going on and that you will NOT tolerate that bs in your house and at your age you've been thru enough that you deserve some respect and not any threatening from a child whose idol is obviously chucky.
    *after that either ban her from your house or perhaps the four of you (her, you and her parents) can sit down at your house or theirs and have a conversation of why she is doing these things and open a line of communication to where eventually you all can work on having some type of relationship with her, but eventually.
    -*Right now she needs time away from you to see her behavior is straight garbage and if she treats anyone like that in life shes going to be left with no one she wont even be able to be the crazy old cat lady if she keeps on later in life bc even the cats will run away from her.
    *Either way she needs a good sit down and some strict discipline or a week with a southern family to show her.

  3. Al

    You must contact her parents and tell them what is happening. I would strongly advice you to ban her from coming over and to log her behavior into either a notebook or the computer (even both would be good) if she is threatening you over the phone I would advise you to record it. If you have a modern cell phone you will find that it has a recording app. I know this seems terrible to do but you want to have evidence of this encase it escalates as a precaution.
    Do not hit the child back. That will just make it more difficult for you.

  4. Anonymous

    You're supposedly 63 and your photobucket handle is "ashantifan"?! Sure, I'll play along.

    If she behaves like this, why do you have her over in the first place? You're not the one tasked with raising her. Her parents are. The first time she did even one of these things, you should have told them she can't return until they figure out what's wrong and make sure it's under control.

    In fact, I'm curious why this didn't occur to you?

  5. Anonymous

    WHAT THE HELL I'm 12 and my parents are 71 and 71 I'd never do that to them I take them on walks and help them walk and when they need something I go get them it and I wake them up to make them take their pills, Whats wrong with your granddaughter you need to enforce rules now, or It won't stop.

  6. Jorge

    She needs a little trip to juvenile detention. She'll be so scared when she gets out she will never bother you again. Talk to her parents, because she sure is a monster and she will get worse as she grows up. She might need to go to military school. Take my advice and turn her in to juvie.

  7. S

    Beat her ***. You're her grandmother, she shouldn't be treating you like that. You spank her and you tell her mom/dad what she's doing and you make her scared of doing stuff like that to you again. Threaten her back, tell her you've killed people. You've tortured people, you were in the Marines and you know how to kill someone 106 ways with your bare hands. She's a brat and deserves to be scared of you.

  8. Steve

    Don't have her over at your house. Explain to her parents why she is no longer allowed there. She needs discipline. Even if her parents won't provide it you can end her access to you.
    Don't enable her to harass you further.

  9. Hoppy

    [1] Tell parents she can't visit until they've done their job of disciplining her in this regard. [2] Take a wooden spoon to her her good and proper! [3] DO NOT have her back over until she confirms to your rules EVER!

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