I don t fully understand the difference between haploid and diploid cells. I know haploid means there is 1 set of chromosomes, but what does that mean exactly.If the haploid number is 2, does that mean there are 2 sets of chromosomes, or does it mean there is 1 set containing 2 chromosomes?

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  1. bravozulu

    For most higher organisms adult cells have two of each chromosome. That is a diploid state. When they make gametes (i.e, sperm or eggs) only one of each chromosome is used and therefore they only have half the number of chromosomes as normal diploid adult cells. Gametes are haploid with only one of each type of chromosome. It is the count of the different types of chromosome which are usually paired. The count is generally half for haploid number compared to the diploid number. The haploid number for humans is 23 which the number of types of chromosomes we have in all our cells. Each somatic (non gamete) or normal cell would have 46 chromosomes so they sometimes specify the number as haploid or diploid, whatever as appropriate, to avoid confusion.

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