"write about a metaphor for God that works well for you. It does not have to be biblical." I'm agnostic and am having a hard time coming up with a metaphor. Any ideas?

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  1. Earl

    So what is the concept of God to you? Nothingness? A lie? A cosmic joke?

    Decide on that. Then think about what object can represent that concept. For example, nothingness might be an empty white wall. A lie might be a lemon -- it's a fruit so you think it's sweet, but it's not. A cosmic joke might be a mirage in the desert.

    Then explain how God is whatever you've decided on.

    "God is a mirage in the desert. It's something people think they see and yearn to reach, but never can. In their desperation they never give up. This can lead to tragic results....."

  2. Anonymous

    Jesus used many of them. Try John 14:6, "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

  3. David@YourService

    If you are agnostic, a good metaphor isn't even a word, it's a question mark (?).

  4. Anonymous

    Look out for incoming ad hominem attacks from "logical" atheists!

  5. mark

    One word to describe God? Love

  6. Druidus

    A black cat that isn't there, in a dark room

  7. Emdog

    God is like a fish on a bicycle...

  8. A-Theist ????

    God is my father

    God is love.

    God is truth.

    God is eternal.

    God is life

    God is light

    God is maker of all creation.

    None of those are inconsistent with agnosticism.

  9. Chris Ancor

    God is: popular delusion

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