I have an alienware 17 laptop with an NVIDIA chipset, no USB 3.0 ports, and no expresscard slot. Is there anything I can buy that would allow my laptop to have USB 3.0 capabilities or use utilize an expresscard adapter?The USB device that I'm trying to use isn't detected because of the NVIDIA chipset and...

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  1. Starrysky

    With no model number of the "alienware 17 laptop" and no complete listing of ports, I can guess only making a drastic change of hardware:
    Open bottom and extract the wireless adapter from the mini-PCIe slot. Get a kit that has that male connector, a flat cable and a box or a slot board for PCIe. Use that to mate a USB 3.0 expansion card. Power it with a small PSU from a desktop box. 200W should be excessive.
    How you route the cable out the laptop case is up to your creativity.

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